Eric Freeman

Markanthony Akem

Eric Freeman is a driven leader, strategist, Architect, Engineer and a catalyst in automation transformation, with a proven track record of organizational growth, exponential automation delivery, forecasting, effort estimation, leadership development, and currently a Sr. Transformation Lead Test Architect with a fortune 500 company in Columbus OH. Eric brings a wealth of experience in QA program management and certifications in automation testing, and manual testing.

Born and Raised in Iraq/Baghdad in 1987 with a huge passion for technology, learning and writing, he graduated with a bachelor in computer and software engineering from Baghdad in 2007, his first beginner’s job straight out of college was a Software engineer in a local hospital.

In 2008, Eric went for his master’s in information technology and made quite a progress. Later in 2011 started a new role with an American Military company dealing with military technology and equipment, through there he earned the opportunity to migrate to the United states and lived in Austin TX in 2013.

In 2019, Eric Joined Agileseventeen to drive the QA program for individuals in underserved markets looking to tool and re-tool. Eric is a pioneer instructor at Agileseventeen LLC